Environmental policy

Summary of our environmental policy

Environmental policy

In AB Linde Maskiners production of sheet metal parts, we shall actively work to prevent pollution via waste, noise, energy, chemicals, air, soil, transport and water and contribute to continuous improvement of the environment both internally and externally.

To fulfil this policy, we shall:

  • Comply with applicable laws and requirements
  • Regularly analyse and measure the company's environmental impact

In existing and new processes/activities, where economically justifiable, we will:

  • Identifying the need for and implementing preventive measures
  • Minimise the presence of environmentally harmful emissions and residues
  • Striving for circular solutions instead of landfill
  • Minimising the use of limited natural resources
  • Selecting suppliers/contractors with similar environmental ambitions
  • Reuse and recycle as much as possible
  • Constantly striving for greater energy efficiency
AB Linde Maskiner has a strong focus on energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions from our operations. All processes will strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, from energy consumption to transport. We support the transition to a low-carbon society through responsible energy supply. We aim to contribute to a circular economy and reduce the amount of waste we generate while minimising our environmental footprint.

With a strong focus on sustainable resource management and continuous improvement across our organisation, we ensure high-quality results from environmental management in all areas. In everything we do, internally and externally, we strive to optimise our flow and take initiatives for resource efficiency.

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