Business idea

  • According to customer specifications we deliver sheet metal parts and assemblies with highest demands regarding quality and delivery. 
  • We are a competitive, skilled and reliable partner.


  • We are the natural partner for heavy vehicle manufacturers and other engineering industries.
  • We help our customers to develop their production processes.
  • Customers associate us with high performance in all our work.
  • We have good financial performance and invest continuously in competence, equipment and facilities.

AB Linde Maskiner – facts

  • Founded 1853
  • Sub supplier of sheet metal parts/assemblies
  • Approximately 120 employees
  • Production area 8000 Sqm
  • Sheet metal consumption > 9000 tons
  • Turnover 2018/2019 approximately 200 MSEK

Ethic Policy

AB Linde Maskiner ambition is to conduct our business on a commercial basis and never use methods that prevent economic, social and democratic development. We act with professionalism and integrity towards our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in our business environment.

We achieve this by:

  • Always show respect for human dignity and observe human rights
  • Be loyal to the company and its values
  • Comply with laws and regulations, agreements and standards in the markets in which we operate
  • Work against all forms of corruption and unethical marketing
  • Seek to our suppliers and customers follow the principles of our ethical rules and do not have relationships with companies that violate the right of individuals or suppress their rights.
  • We also follow UN rules in this area,

We demand honesty and integrity in corporate activities and expect the same from all parties with whom we have a business relationship with – customers, suppliers and other partners. It is the responsibility of all employees to follow the ethical guidelines and no one in the organization has the right to approve exceptions from the guidelines into practice.